In my free, 15 minute consultation, women usually tell me about the subtle and not-so-subtle changes they can feel and see in their bodies, usually beginning in their 30s. They come to see me because I will listen. Beginning with three to four hours of interviews and a careful review of each woman’s history to help guide her therapy, I can determine if she’s a high-testosterone type of woman or if she requires a more calming type of balance.

Along with an in depth history and physical, therapy is guided by comprehensive lab analysis of thyroid, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, homocysteine, and DHEA. I also review more common blood tests such as CBC (complete blood count) and a metabolic panel which reveals the functioning of the kidneys, liver, and electrolytes, like sodium and potassium. Usually, the lab analysis reveals a mild hormone imbalance which I can readily adjust. Sometimes, the comprehensive lab work signifi es other problems which, when treated, grant enormous health benefi ts to the lucky patient. I have changed the names and identifying characteristics of these patients, but the stories are true and remarkable.

Anne, age 35, very slender and athletic, was a marathon runner. She came to see me because of overwhelming fatigue, excessive menstrual bleeding, and weakness. Her complete blood count revealed severe anemia and low blood count. I replaced her iron and adjusted her hormones so that her periods became less hemorrhagic. I referred her to a cardiologist, and her heart was normal. After three months, the formally pale and worried young woman returned to report that her energy was incredible, and thanked me for “giving her her life back.”

Mary, age 40, also complained of exhaustion. She had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fi bromyalgia and was taking antidepressants and pain pills without much relief. I balanced all of her hormones, instructed her to read “From Fatigued To Fantastic” by Dr. Teitelbaum, and gave her supplements which aid adrenal gland function. After one month, she came to the office asking for permission to distribute brochures to her friends and relatives! She said I had changed her life. I thanked her for allowing me to help her and we embraced. I can help you manage the changes in your body, too.