Hormones – Revitalize Your Life

Symptoms of an imbalance may include hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, memory loss, fatigue, low energy, mood swings, dry skin, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction. Decrease or loss of immune system responses, slow or incomplete healing after a sprain, strain or related musculoskeletal injury, muscle aches, loss of bone density, blood pressure changes, increased [...]

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Should Women Worry About Low Testosterone?

Daily production of testosterone in women is around 20-30 times less than the levels found in men, but the importance of this hormone in women is just as high as our male counterpart. Conventional medical doctors (or even your gynaecologist for that matter) do not necessarily check your testosterone levels, so recognizing symptoms and [...]

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Hormones: How Will You Live Your 2nd 50 Years?

Symptoms of perimenopause, or lack of progesterone relative to estradiol, may be very minor in some women with only sleep disturbance. Other women with more symptomatic complaints of moodiness may be prescribed an antidepressant or sleeping pills. I have seen this type of patient at the 15 minute free consult. “I don’t know if you [...]

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Why Bio-Identical Hormones?

I have given many lectures about anti-aging. Invariably, as I have come to expect, a woman raised her hand: “But I want to be natural, I don’t want to take hormones!” The natural thing to do at menopause is die, I told her. Without modern sanitation, vaccines, good nutrition, antibiotics and surgery in previous centuries, [...]

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Am I In Perimenopause, Or Just Crazy/Too Stressed/Overworked/Depressed?

Severe cases have even warranted a psychiatric diagnosis: PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder. The suggested treatment? An antidepressant. The true cure for this hormonal problem has been known since 1954, when the brilliant British physician, Dr. Katharina Dalton, wrote about giving progesterone injections in oil. Over 50 years later, we have oral micronized (ground very [...]

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