The Enhancement of Life Center, the trusted source for Anti-Aging Medicine for over 20 years

Our innovative programs are designed to help patients with weight loss based on whole food, plant based diet, and hormone replacement therapy guided by blood work for women and men.

The proven treatments used are scientifically based and validated in current medical literature.

We offer treatment programs for:

  • Weight Loss

  • Diabetes

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy utilizing natural bio-identical hormones
  • Recommendations to manage chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease

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Other Services Include:

Therapeutic Phlebotomy

A therapeutic phlebotomy is a prescribed amount of blood withdrawn for medical purposes. Phlebotomies may be scheduled as indicated by labs.

Vitamin B-12 Injection

Cyanocobalamin VS Methylcobalmin

The Enhancement of Life Center strictly uses Methylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin and Methylcobalamin are the same compound with only one molecule differentiating the two. Cyanocobalamin has a cyanide donor, meaning the molecule of cyanide is attached to the cobalamin compound. Methylcobalamin has a methyl donor attached to the cobalamin compound.

Methylcobalamin is the purer, naturally occurring form of Vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin can be absorbed and used by the body immediately. This is particularly true when it is injected because then it can bypass the absorption process in the small intestine and can be immediately used by the blood.

Blood Draws

Routine Blood Draws for your visits with Dr. Becker can be done in the Office as well as any Pre-Op orders you may have from another Physician. They can fax the request to the Office after you schedule your appointment. These are done Tuesday through Friday.

Hormone Pellet Insertion

Hormone pellets are the best and most natural way to deliver hormones in both men and women. Pellets are placed under the skin, to gradually release small doses of bio-identical hormones, providing optimal therapy. The pellets are usually inserted in the hip through a small incision which is taped closed.

pellet therapy San Antonio


An EKG / ECG is a simple, painless test that detects and records your heart’s electrical activity. It can show how fast your heart is beating, whether the rhythm of your heart beats is steady or irregular, and the strength and timing of the electrical impulses passing through each part of your heart. You may have an EKG as part of of a routine exam to screen for heart disease.

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