Our Team:

Dr. Donna Becker and Enhancement For Life are pleased to introduce you and welcome Roderick D. Kuwamoto, PA-C,MMS beginning March 1, 2021.

Rod served many years in the Army,  he started out in Special Forces and retired with rank of Lt. Colonel.

Mr. Kuwamoto brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from his 39 years as a Physician Assistant.  Most recently he practiced rural medicine in North Carolina where he was awarded the number one care-provider for two counties and over 1600 patients.

He is the perfect addition to this clinic  because he has been our patient for 13 plus years.  While a patient,  he reversed a heart blockage, resolved ED, balanced hormones, and reduced lipids. Optimizing his hormones in addition to Mediterranean style low carbohydrate diet, and attention to labs all helped him to get his health back.   He practices what he preaches and is living proof anti-aging and preventative medicine works.

We look forward to your meeting him in person and learn how he may help you with your medical issues.   . We know after meeting him you will understand why we selected him to join our team.