We’ve all been there, and said, “If you could’ve seen me in high-school…” but the reality is that when it comes to weight gain, sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough.  Dr. Becker has worked with thousands of patients who no longer have to think about the differences in their weight since high school because they’ve discovered obesity treatment at the Enhancement of Life Center in San Antonio.  For over 20 years, Dr. Becker has helped people just like you with an innovative program that is designed to help patients with weight loss.

weight loss therapy

The obesity treatment program that Dr. Becker provides is based on a whole food, plant-based diet, as well as hormone replacement therapy that is guided by blood work for both women and men.  When your hormones aren’t balanced it can cause decreased energy, decreased sex drive, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, hot flashes, night sweats, depressed mood, and a loss of your general sense of well-being.  At The Enhancement of Life Center in San Antonio, we can help you with your obesity by treating it with scientifically based and validated hormone treatment options that are validated in current medical literature.

At the Enhancement of Life Center in San Antonio, you’ll finally experience what it’s life to get your life back with all natural hormones.  We offer free consultations, where you can get all of the answers to the questions you have about hormone replacement programs.  Please keep browsing our website for more information at https://antiagingsa.com or reach out and contact us today, we’re happy to help provide our patients programs that are both cutting edge and based on the latest benefits of traditional and integrative medicine.