Menopause exhibits itself in numerous ways, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, memory loss, irregular heartbeat, or a mixture of these symptoms and more. It impacts you both emotionally and physically. The most common symptom and one of the most unpleasant is the hot flash. A hot flash can occur anytime and make it hard to sleep or get comfortable. Consider visiting The Enhancement of Life Center for menopause therapy in San Antonio to alleviate these symptoms and bring some normalcy back to your life.

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For women, the change is inevitable. As we get older, we lose youthful vibrance. As a result, early hot flashes typically trigger at night. Over time, flashes usually grow in intensity, causing sleeplessness, fatigue, and peevishness. Menopause therapy in San Antonio should begin as soon as the first symptom materializes.

At The Enhancement of Life Center, we offer menopause therapy in San Antonio for the relief of the change in life. Treatment of this type can considerably influence physical and emotional health. To illustrate, menopause therapy can improve your life when you are suffering from hot flashes. For more information about our antiaging services, we encourage you to visit our Enhancement of Life Center website at We will be glad to answer any inquiries and address any concerns. For an initial consultation, call us or use our online contact form.